In Search of Monster Sites

The WordPress Multisite — what we call Monster Sites — are misunderstood creatures. Beyond the knowledge of how to install and configure it, there is little understanding of what purpose WordPress Multisite serves. Often, the way most discover any benefit to WordPress Multisite, is when they decide to use it in a WordPress project, only to find out just why “monster” is such an appropriate label! Without proper planning or preparation for its use, some multisite installations are disasters waiting to happen. But what if you could prevent a multisite from becoming that monster? What if you could begin your project with a guide to which monster site can work best for you?

Monsters of WordPress is an approach to WordPress Multisite that illustrates potential strategies and patterns that we’ve found work well to keep the monsters at bay. We hope to provide you with a new understanding of the strategic value of certain Monster Site configurations, enough lessons learned to know how to prevent a Monster Site from eating your project, and how applying even some of these WordPress Multisite strategies can tame your next Monster Site once and for all!

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Deep Sea Dweller: Taming the Multi-Landing Page Monster

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Like most things in nature, there seems to be no end to the number of clever ways animals use to capture a meal. The same could be said for testing different variations of a landing page. There is no end to the number of search engine optimized (SEO) versions your content can take as you attempt to figure out which one will attract more traffic. From social media posts and word-of-mouth, to advertisements and search engine pay-per-click campaigns, the number of ways that traffic can find your landing page can be equally endless. But how do you manage all of these potential opportunities to feed your company without being eaten yourself? By learning from nature!

Sea Dragon: Taming the Multi-Language Audience Monster

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The metaphor behind the Sea Dragon is ideal for companies with global markets or organizations with international audiences. Each language-specific site within the Sea Dragon Monster Site Pattern is loosely connected to the next site by (A) a unified theme design that supports to overall brand identity, (B) a centralized domain name, and (C) all of the Monster Site’s required languages organized by using the WordPress Multisite sub-folder option.