Monsters of WordPress is an endeavor that was inspired by a WordPress Talk I gave at the 2015 Asheville WordCamp in North Carolina after having a tough time building a WordPress Multisite project. It become obvious that WordPress “is” Multisite with all the Multisite features turned off. There is great power in using the WordPress Multisite, but there is also a swarm of Monsters lurking within that nobody will tell you about — But I will! So now I plan on visiting more WordCamps in 2016 to talk about Monster Sites, and I am currently writing an eBook on how to build and tame your own Monster Sites!

Have Harpoon | Will Travel

Have you seen a Monster lurking around your WordPress Multisite project? Tell me about your experience, about how you approached the monster, and how you managed to overcome it. I love Monster Site survival stories, and if your story is really good, I may even included it in my upcoming eBook in 2016!

S.O.S. — Save Our Site!

If your Monster is just too much to handle, tell me about your problem and I may be able to help you get that beast under control! Signal S.O.S. via the Contact Form below, or go visit my company site at Trenchbucket.com.

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